Public Liability Claims

Claims Procedure:

  1. Report the incident to Us immediately and submit the claim form, together with original copies of all relevant documents to us within 30 days from the date of accident/ discovery to: 

​      Hanson Insurance Services Limited,

      Claims Department,

      35/F, Morrison Plaza,

      9 Morrison Hill Road,

      Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

  2. Do not admit liability or offer promise or payment to third party without receiving Our prior approval.

  3. Do not answer any questions concerning claims of the third party until further notice from Us.


To facilitate the processing of your claim, please submit the following documents to Us:

  1. Original public liability insurance claim form

  2. Copy of all documents you received relating to the claim

  3. Claims or writs of summons or legal documents, if any

  4. Original photographs showing the scene of accident and the extent of damage or injury

  5. Police report and statement

  6. Property management incident report

  7. Your own incident report

  8. Video of the accident

  9. If you are a Contractor, a copy of Service agreement with your principal is required


Important Notes:

  1. Please provide full information regarding the claims with the purpose of speeding up the process.

  2. Further information/ documents may be needed.

  3. It is important that a complete answer be given to every question. If insufficient space is provided for your answers, please continue on a separate sheet.

  4. For inquiry, please contact our Claims Department by email. You can also download corresponding

    Claim Forms HERE