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Policy Specimen

BI - Addition Basis Coverage Part - PRO030-201509
BI - Auditors' Fees Coverage Part - PRO033-201509
BI - Difference Basis Coverage Part - PRO031-201509
BI - Increase in Cost of Working Coverage Part - PRO034-201509
BI - Insured Standing Charges Coverage Part - PRO032-201509
Commercial Insurance-BI Auditors Fees Endorsement-PRO033-2014-04
Commercial Insurance-BI Difference Basis Coverage-PRO031-2014-04
Commercial Insurance-BI Ins.Standard Charges-PRO032-2014-04
Commercial Insurance-Common Part -PRO001-2014-04
Commercial Insurance-Named Perils Coverage Part -PRO010-2014-04
Commercial Insurance-Public Liab. Coverage Parts -PRO040-2014-04
Commercial Insurance-Special Risks Coverage Part-PRO020-2014-04
Commerical Insurance-BI Addition Basis Coverage-PRO030-2014-04

Cross Border Vehicle Duty Liability
Cross Border Vehicle Duty Liability Insurance - CBVDL001-201509

Hanson Accident Insurance - APRO201-201709
Hanson Accident Insurance - PRO201-2014-04
Hanson Accident Insurance - PRO201-201509

Hanson Clause Summary - Property Named Perils - APROCS010-201709
Hanson Commercial - Common Part - APRO001-201709
Hanson Commercial - Common Part - PRO001-201509
Hanson Commercial - Named Perils Coverage - APRO010-201709
Hanson Commercial - Special Risks Coverage - APRO020-201709
Hanson Commercial - Common Part - PRO001-201509
Hanson Contract Insurance - PRO301-2014-04
Hanson Contract Insurance - PRO301-201509

Hanson Home Ins - Summary of Coverage - APRO402-201709 (Chinese)
Hanson Home Ins - Summary of Coverage - APRO402-201709 (English)
Hanson Home insurance - APRO401-201709
Hanson Home Insurance - PRO401-2014-12
Hanson Home insurance - PRO401-201509
Home Insurance (Chinese)
Home Insurance (English)
Logistics Liability - ALLP001-201308
Logistics Liability - KLLP001-201308
Logistics Liability Insurance - KLLP001-2016-01
Logistics Liability Insurance - KLLP001-2016-09
Logistics Liability Insurance - KLLP001-2017-01

Logistics Liability Insurance - KLLP010118
Logistics Liability Insurance - LLP010117

Marine Cargo
Motor Ins. (Comp./T.P./P.D. Cover (Policy Specimen) MIP201502
Motor Insurance (Comp./T. P./P.D. Cover) - MIP201609
Motor Insurance (Comp./T.P./P.D. Cover) - MIP201509

Named Perils Coverage Part - PRO010-201509
Personal Accident
Public Liability Coverage Part - PRO040-201509
Public Liability for Building Owners' Corp. - PRO050-201509
Special Risks Coverage Part - PRO020-201509
Transport Equipment Insurance
Transport Equipment Insurance - KTE001-2016

Transport Equipment Insurance - KTEP010118
Truck Cargo liability
Truck Cargo Liability - TCL001-2012-07
Truck Cargo Liability Insurance - KTCL001-2016

Truck Cargo Liability Insurance - KTCP010118