Personal Accident Claims

Claims Procedure:

  1. Please submit your claim within 7 days from the date of accident.

  2. The Policyholder and/or his/her legal representatives must complete all questions in the claim form and sign on it.

  3. If you claim for Permament Total Disablement Benefit, the attending Physician must complete all questions in the appendix of the claim form, rubber stamp, date and sign on it.

  4. Send the complete claim form, together with all relevant documents to: 

      Hanson Insurance Services Limited,

      Claims Department,

      35/F, Morrison Plaza,

      9 Morrison Hill Road,

      Wan Chai, Hong Kong.


To facilitate the processing of your claim, the following documents are required:

  1. Original medical reports

  2. Laboratory reports

  3. Discharge summary

  4. Bills and receipts for claim expenses with information as listed:

    • ​Treatment date

    • Name of patient

    • Diagnosis

    • Attending physician’s stamp and signature


Important Notes:

  1. If you would like to claim for reimbursement of medical expenses, original receipts with full details (including diagnosis and amount) must be provided.

  2. If you would like to claim for x-ray or lab-testing expenses, referral letter from registered medical practitioner must be provided.

  3. Please specify the date when you have fully recovered.

  4. Please send copy of the payment document if other insurance company has already paid part of the medical expenses.

  5. Please provide full information on claim form with the purpose of speeding up the process.

  6. Settlement will be made upon full recovery of the Insured.

  7. For inquiry, please contact our Claims Department by email. You can also download corresponding

    Claim Forms HERE