Motor Claims

Motor insurance is divided into Third Party Only, Comprehensive and Physical Damage Only policies. If insured with different insurers, you need to report to each of insurer. Claims procedures are slightly different among these policies. Acting as your insurance intermediary Hanson Insurance Services Limited will provide assistance to you including submission of your claims documents to insurer. Hanson Insurance Services Limited is also authorized as the claims handling agent for Lloyd’s. 

A.Third Party Only Policy

  1. ​If there is an accident, report to police immediately. Please submit the police report book no., notice of intended prosecution, driver’s statement to the insurer for handling

  2. Immediately inform your insurance intermediary who will assist you to make the report to your insurer

  3. Complete and sign the accident report form and submit to insurer together with copy of vehicle registration document (both sides), screening breath test result form, driver’s HKID card and driving licence

  4. Sign and return a letter of authorization for insurer to obtain information from Police

  5. Send all summons, notice of claims to your insurer immediately for their handling

  6. Do not admit liability or handle third party claim without insurer’s prior approval

​B. Comprehensive and Physical Damage Only Policies

B. For Physical Damage Policyowner, a separate claim report form is needed in car accident involved third party liability if you are insured with

B. different insurer for third party insurance.

B. If your vehicle is damaged, apart from following the above procedures you need to pay attention to below:

  1. Report the accident to your hire-purchase owner if you have one

  2. Obtain a repair quotation from the repairer for insurer to authorize repair. Don’t start repair until you have insurer’s authorization

  3. Some policies may require the repair to be done by insurer’s authorized repairer

  4. An adjuster will be appointed by insurer to evaluate the repair quotation

  5. After evaluation, insurer will inform you the amount of deductible and betterment that you need to pay. The repairer is also informed to start the repair

  6. When repair is completed, you need to pay the amount of deductible and betterment direct to the repairer.You also need to sign a Satisfaction Note, which is lodged with the repairer before you take back your vehicle

  7. Lloyd’s motor policy arranged through Hanson Insurance is entitled to immediate repair service and renewal NCB protection benefit if repair is done by Hang Fai Auto Services Co Ltd. Hang Fai also provides 24 hours cross border towing service

  8. Hotline :

    • ​Hong Kong 2668-2999,

    • China 131-138-10188


If the accident was caused by the fault of the third party:

  1. If the collision was caused by the fault of third party, you need to file a Complaint to the Police in order for them to start an investigation. This can increase the chance of obtaining recovery of your damage from the third party. If there is a successful recovery from third party, the claim will not  affect your NCB

  2. If you have any uninsured loss that you wish to directly claim against the third party, please notify your insurer before you proceed as this may affect their recovery rights for which you will be responsible

  3. Remember : An unsatisfactory claim record will lead to a higher renewal premium



  1. The above is for your reference. All stipulations should be referred to policy wordings

  2. Apart from the above listed documentations and information, insurer may request further information for their claim handling


If you have any further enquiry regarding claims, please feel free to contact our Claims Department by email.

Claim Forms can also be downloaded HERE.