Cargo Claims

Claims Procedure:

When you find or suspect that there is damage to your cargo

  1. Do not issue a clean receipt to the forwarders or the carriers.

  2. Employ a surveyor to investigate into the case: ​

For Export Cargo 
Ask the survey agent, which is listed in the insurance policy, to conduct an investigation. The agent will then liaise with our selling agent to send the survey report to Us after claim adjustment.

For Import Cargo
When your cargo arrives at Hong Kong, inform Us at once. We will then appoint a qualified surveyor to conduct an investigation.

  1. Send a written notice of claim to the forwarders or the carriers to protect your right of recovery as soon as damage or loss is discovered.

  2. Please send the following documents to us for claim adjustment (For export cargo, please send to the survey agent.) :

    • ​Landing account and weight notes at final destination

    • Survey report exception list or other documentary evidence such as exception certificate to show the extent of loss or damage

    • Original Bill of Lading and/or other contract of carriage involved during the voyage

    • Original Shipping invoices, together with Shipping Specification and/or Weight Notes/Packing List

    • Original Certificate/Policy of Insurance

    • Correspondence exchanged with the carriers and other parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage

    • A statement of Claim


Important Notes:

  1. If the loss is covered by the policy, We should pay the survey fee. Otherwise, the cargo owner have to pay the survey fee.

  2. Please provide full information in claim form with the purpose of speeding up the process.

  3. Further information may be needed.

  4. For inquiry, please contact our Claims Department by email. 

Claim Forms HERE